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BKT chokes for single-phase and multi-phase systems to reduce electromagnetic interferences

Electrical loads cause symmetrical and asymmetrical electromagnetic interferences regularly. By the installation of sufficently dimensioned common mode, push-pull or ground wire chokes these interferences can be reduced. Thus, the device can be operated conforming to all standards.

Chokes reduce high-frequency electricity shares through their frequency-dependent inductance. The impedance is low at low frequencies and it increases at high frequencies. Brandenburgische Kondensatoren Technologie GmbH’s chokes offer a high operational safety and a low failure probability.

We are prepared to customize our chokes according to your requests and guarantee only low electrical losses due to a sufficient dimension as well as a low warming despite compact design in these customized products as well as in all our standard products.


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Common-Mode Push-Pull Chokes GXD

In electrical devices there are often common mode and push-pull interferences. Our common-mode push-pull chokes GXD can reduce these interferences.

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Common Mode Chokes GLD

Common mode interferences of switched-mode power supplies or frequency converters have to be decreased. Our current-compensated ring-core chokes help to…

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Chokes for Print Mounting THD

Fast-switching semiconductor circuits cause symmetrical interferences. Our chokes for print mounting THD are useful to reduce the arising current peaks.

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Ground Wire Chokes SLD

Ground wire chokes are an effective means to suppress parasitical current and voltage peaks on the ground wire. If necessary,…

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