Common Mode Chokes GLD

Common mode interferences of switched-mode power supplies or frequency converters have to be decreased. Our current-compensated ring-core chokes help to efficiently reduce these interfering current and voltage signals.

Verschiedene Gleichtaktdrosseln GLD
common mode chokes GLD without housing


  • RoHS- and REACH-compliant
  • two-phase or three-phase design
  • construction without housing or
  • closed construction in plastic or metal housing with screw-on bolt
  • customized connection with pins, plug contacts, wires, screwed contact terminals or wires with plug contacts

General technical data

Inductivity Tolerance– 30 % to + 50 %
Test Voltage Up3.000 VDC, 2 s
IEC 60068-1 Climate Category25/100/21

Our product key for your order

Common Mode Chokes GLD

Please refer to the table below for detailed technical specifications of our common mode chokes GLD. We are prepared to customize these standard products according to your demands individually. Other inductances are available on request.

Product KeyRated VoltageRated CurrentNumber of PhasesInductivity
GLD-4-01-2-015-_-__480 V AC1 A21,5 mH
GLD-4-01-2-020-_-__2,0 mH
GLD-4-01-2-040-_-__4,0 mH
GLD-4-01-2-050-_-__5,0 mH
GLD-4-03-2-010-_-__3 A1,0 mH
GLD-4-03-2-015-_-__1,5 mH
GLD-4-03-2-020-_-__2,0 mH
GLD-4-03-2-040-_-__4,0 mH
GLD-4-03-2-050-_-__5,0 mH
GLD-4-03-3-040-_-__34,0 mH
GLD-4-03-3-045-_-__4,5 mH
GLD-4-03-3-050-_-__5,0 mH
GLD-4-03-3-060-_-__6,0 mH
GLD-4-06-2-005-_-__6 A20,5 mH
GLD-4-06-2-010-_-__1,0 mH
GLD-4-06-2-015-_-__1,5 mH
GLD-4-06-2-020-_-__2,0 mH
GLD-4-06-2-040-_-__4,0 mH
GLD-4-06-2-050-_-__5,0 mH
GLD-4-06-3-040-_-__34,0 mH
GLD-4-06-3-045-_-__4,5 mH
GLD-4-06-3-050-_-__5,0 mH
GLD-4-10-2-005-_-__10 A20,5 mH
GLD-4-10-2-010-_-__1,0 mH
GLD-4-10-2-015-_-__1,5 mH
GLD-4-10-2-020-_-__2,0 mH
GLD-4-10-2-040-_-__4,0 mH
GLD-4-10-2-050-_-__5,0 mH
GLD-4-10-3-028-_-__32,8 mH
GLD-4-10-3-032-_-__3,2 mH
GLD-4-10-3-040-_-__4,0 mH
GLD-4-16-2-005-_-__16 A20,5 mH
GLD-4-16-2-010-_-__1,0 mH
GLD-4-16-3-015-_-__31,5 mH
GLD-4-16-3-022-_-__2,2 mH
GLD-4-16-3-028-_-__2,8 mH
GLD-4-16-3-032-_-__3,2 mH
GLD-4-25-3-005-_-__25 A0,5 mH
GLD-4-25-3-010-_-__1,0 mH
GLD-4-25-3-015-_-__1,5 mH
GLD-4-25-3-022-_-__2,2 mH
GLD-4-25-3-032-_-__3,2 mH
GLD-4-36-3-005-_-__36 A0,5 mH
GLD-4-36-3-010-_-__1,0 mH
GLD-4-36-3-015-_-__1,5 mH
GLD-4-50-3-005-_-__50 A0,5 mH
GLD-4-50-3-010-_-__1,0 mH