EMI suppression technology from Prenzlau.
In use all over the world.

We deliver chokes, ground wire chokes, EMI suppression capacitors and EMI suppression filters to our customers all over the world. Our products reduce electromagnetic interference to a tolerable extent.

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Our medium-sized company has been producing passive EMI suppression filters and EMI suppression capacitors for more than 50 years. Many of our products are manufactured and inspected individually according to customer specifications.

Our technical expertise, our broad suppliers’ network and our flexibility enable us to deliver high-quality and efficient products to our customers. Our product portfolio ranges from simply constructed RC combinations and chokes to motor capacitors and EMI suppression capacitor networks to more complex multi-stage three-phase four-wire EMI suppression filters.


Electromagnetic interference is hardly avoidable in electrical circuits. Legal requirements can be met by integrating chokes, EMI suppression capacitors or filters. We offer a broad range of standard products and we are prepared to customize them according to your demands.


Complex electromagnetic interferences regularly occur in electrical devices. These can be application-specifically reduced by durable and safe EMI suppression filters.


The use of EMI suppression capacitors in electrical devices of everyday private or professional life is compulsory nowadays to avoid current and voltage peaks.


Electrical loads cause symmetrical and asymmetrical electromagnetic interferences regularly. By the installation of sufficently dimensioned common mode, push-pull or ground wire chokes these interferences can be reduced. Thus, the device…


Every electrical device and every electrical system causes electromagnetic interferences. Passive components for EMI suppression that are customized for every respective product can be integrated to avoid these interferences.


Complex products usually require a sophisticated installation. In order to make the different components match, we manufacture customized components such as wires, plugs and cables with plug contacts.


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Our new employee is a specialist in electrical engineering. He is a real live wire and is eagerly looking forward…

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We were able to increase our male quota to now 42 % thanks to a recruiting at the beginning of…

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RoHS- and REACH-Conformity

All our products – chokes, EMI suppression capacitors and EMI suppression filters – are RoHS- and REACH-compliant.

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