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BKT EMI suppression capacitors to suppress electromagnetic interferences

The use of EMI suppression capacitors in electrical devices of everyday private or professional life is compulsory nowadays to avoid current and voltage peaks.

Fast-switching electronic components cause current and voltage peaks. These voltage peaks spread out via electric leads so that unwanted electromagnetic interferences as well as voltage overloads of adjacent components occur. This leads to problems with or even to the failure of unsecured electronic systems, e. g. UPS systems, PCs or servers, as well as to the tripping out of residual current devices.

EMI suppression capacitors are used to filter the voltage. These components are subject to the strictest legal safety requirements. Of course, Brandenburgische Kondensatoren Technologie GmbH’s products meet these requirements completely. We are prepared to customize our EMI suppression capacitors according to your requests so that you can easily install them in your device.

EMI Suppression Capacitors

We produce

RC-Glied X1 0,47 µF R 470 Ohm

RC EMI Suppression Capacitors KXR

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XY EMI Suppression Capacitors KXY

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X1 EMI Suppression Capacitors KX1

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