EMI Suppression Capacitors

XY EMI Suppression Capacitors KXY

Our XY EMI suppression capacitors KXY help you to reduce unwanted voltage peaks in devices of safety classes 1 or 2 safely. We supply compact, electrically safe EMI suppression capacitors for parallel or series circuits, even with bleeding resistors, if you so wish.

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overview of capacitors in round housing


  • RoHS- and REACH-compliant
  • single-phase or two-phase design
  • construction without housing or
  • closed construction in plastic or metal housing, optional with fastening clip
  • customized connection with wires, pins or wires with plug contacts

General technical data

Capacitance Tolerance± 10 %
Test Voltage Up4,3 Ur
IEC 60068-1 Climate Category25/100/21

Our product key for your order

Please refer to our product key below for detailed technical specifications of our XY EMI suppression capacitos KXY. We are prepared to customize our standard products to your demands individually. Other rated capacities, bleeding resistors and electrical connectors are available on request.

XY EMI Suppression Capacitors KXY