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Dynamics, efficiency and precision call for enhanced measures of EMI suppression

In industrial plants, regulated, dynamic drives regularly generate high power peaks. They cause electromagnetic interferences that especially interfere with the used high-precision, sensitive sensors easily. An adequate EMI suppression, as Brandenburgische Kondensatoren Technologie GmbH offers, is mandatory to avoid electromagnetic interferences and to get the most out of the machines and production lines.

Rectifiers, inverters and frequency converters heavily burden the electricity grid with electromagnetic interferences. As the used generators or USP systems are usually not designed for these extreme voltage distortions, they can be seriously damaged, especially in island operation.

Multi-stage EMI suppression filters can reduce interferences to a tolerable extent and can compensate for potential voltage and current peaks. Brandenburgische Kondensatoren Technologie GmbH can supply you with adequate EMI suppression capacitors, chokes and EMI suppression filters.

Industry and Energy Supply

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