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Safe and low-interference products for qualitatively demanding devices

Consumer electronics’ products and domestic appliances in everyday life as well as in working life become increasingly energy-efficient and versatile. These devices become more and more complex and, therefore, require high-quality EMI suppression that Brandenburgische Kondensatoren Technologie GmbH can offer.

Energy-efficient, technically versatile devices that are nowadays requested in all areas of life are supposed to be compact, safe and of high quality. Nevertheless, they shall remain inexpensive. Consequently, many devices are equipped with power electronics to control electric motors, heatings and coolings adequately. Due to the integrated power electronics, these devices cause electromagnetic interferences and put high requirements on EMI

suppression. EMI suppression technology is used to ensure that, for example, radio transmission remains undisturbed and lamps do not emit an afterglow. Brandenburgische Kondensatoren Technologie GmbH manufactures customized EMI suppression components for your devices that allow for a trouble-free installation and that safeguard your product as far as EMI suppression technology is concerned.

Consumer Electronics and Domestic Appliances

We produce

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Electrical loads cause symmetrical and asymmetrical electromagnetic interferences regularly. By the installation of sufficently dimensioned common mode, push-pull or ground…

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EMI Suppression Filters

Complex electromagnetic interferences regularly occur in electrical devices. These can be application-specifically reduced by durable and safe EMI suppression filters.

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EMI Suppression Capacitors

The use of EMI suppression capacitors in electrical devices of everyday private or professional life is compulsory nowadays to avoid…

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