EMI suppression technology from Prenzlau.
In use all over the world.

Brandenburgischen Kondensatoren Technologie GmbH’s products are integrated in all devices that require EMI suppression. We are prepared to comply with individual customer specifications and customize our products according to your requests so that you can easily install the EMI suppression components in your products.

EMI suppression is essential in all areas of modern life. In the private sector, our EMI suppression components are used in consumer electronics, lighting technology or mobility. Additionally, they are used in the professional sectors of industrial technology, power supply and medical technology. Our products suppress EMI signals and are, for example, integrated in transport systems, lamps, flow heaters, electric motors, professional tools and domestic appliances like refrigerators and ovens. Your product can be EMI suppressed by our components, too. We manufacture individually customized components according to your requests and deliver them ready for assembly, so that you can install them easily.

Application Fields

Our products are integrated into devices for all areas of modern life. We deliver standard and customized products for EMI suppression for a safe operation of your electronic devices.


Consumer electronics’ products and domestic appliances in everyday life as well as in working life become increasingly energy-efficient and versatile. These devices become more and more complex and, therefore, require…


Medical devices are subject to the strictest safety regulations. When they are in operation, they must not by any means electromagnetically interfere with each other or with other electric devices.…


It is not uncommon that inadequately EMI suppressed lamps cause flickers, afterglows and a disturbed radio reception. These problems can be solved by adequate EMI suppression capacitors or filters. Brandenburgische…


In industrial plants, regulated, dynamic drives regularly generate high power peaks. They cause electromagnetic interferences that especially interfere with the used high-precision, sensitive sensors easily. An adequate EMI suppression, as…


There will be an increased electrification of the mobility sector in the future. Means of transport, such as cars, buses, trains and ships, are equipped with electric motors that cause…