EMI Suppression Capacitors

RC EMI Suppression Capacitors KXR

Our RC-combinations or snubbers are used, among others, in compact, powerful hand tools or in high-quality, energy-efficient cleaning equipment in order to suppress electromagnetic interferences and to reduce high voltage rises. Through an individual design, a fast assembly in your production area is guaranteed. We perform an in-house electrical test of all products so that you receive a safe, standard-compliant product.

RC-Glied X1 0,47 µF R 470 Ohm
RC element X1 0,47 µF R 470 Ohm


  • RoHS- and REACH-compliant
  • construction without housing or
  • closed construction in plastic or metal housing with screw-on bolt
  • customized connection with wires, flat plug contacts or wires with plug contacts

General technical data

Capacitance Tolerance± 10 %
Test Voltage Up4,3 Ur
IEC 60068-1 Climate Category25/100/21

Our product key for your order

Please refer to our product key below for detailed technical specifications of our RC EMI suppression capacitors KXR. We are prepared to customize our standard products according to your demands individually. Other capacities or resistors are available on demand.

RC EMI Suppression Capacitors KXR