Common-Mode Push-Pull Chokes GXD

In electrical devices there are often common mode and push-pull interferences. Our common-mode push-pull chokes GXD can reduce these interferences.

Common-Mode Push-Pull Chokes GXD
common-mode push-pull choke GXD in a metal housing with screw-on bolt


  • RoHS- and REACH-compliant
  • two-phase or three-phase design
  • low ohmic resistance despite compact design
  • closed construction in plastic or metal housing with screw-on bolt
  • customized connection with pins, plug contacts, wires, screwed contact terminals or wires with plug contacts

General technical data

Inductivity Tolerance– 30 % to + 50 %
Test Voltage Up3.000 VDC, 2 s
IEC 60068-1 Climate Category25/100/21

Our product key for your order

Common-Mode Push-Pull Chokes GXD

Please refer to the table below for detailed technical specifications of our common-mode push-pull chokes GXD. We are prepared to customize these standard products according to your demands individually. Other inductances are available on request.

Product KeyRated VoltageRated CurrentNumber of PhasesInductivity
GXD-4-01-2-015-_-__480 V AC1 A21,5 mH
GXD-4-01-2-020-_-__2,0 mH
GXD-4-01-2-040-_-__4,0 mH
GXD-4-01-2-050-_-__5,0 mH
GXD-4-03-2-010-_-__3 A1,0 mH
GXD-4-03-2-015-_-__1,5 mH
GXD-4-03-2-020-_-__2,0 mH
GXD-4-03-2-040-_-__4,0 mH
GXD-4-03-2-050-_-__5,0 mH
GXD-4-03-3-040-_-__34,0 mH
GXD-4-03-3-045-_-__4,5 mH
GXD-4-03-3-050-_-__5,0 mH
GXD-4-03-3-060-_-__6,0 mH
GXD-4-06-2-005-_-__6 A20,5 mH
GXD-4-06-2-010-_-__1,0 mH
GXD-4-06-2-015-_-__1,5 mH
GXD-4-06-2-020-_-__2,0 mH
GXD-4-06-2-040-_-__4,0 mH
GXD-4-06-2-050-_-__5,0 mH
GXD-4-06-3-040-_-__34,0 mH
GXD-4-06-3-045-_-__4,5 mH
GXD-4-06-3-050-_-__5,0 mH
GXD-4-10-2-005-_-__10 A20,5 mH
GXD-4-10-2-010-_-__1,0 mH
GXD-4-10-2-015-_-__1,5 mH
GXD-4-10-2-020-_-__2,0 mH
GXD-4-10-2-040-_-__4,0 mH
GXD-4-10-2-050-_-__5,0 mH
GXD-4-10-3-028-_-__32,8 mH
GXD-4-10-3-032-_-__3,2 mH
GXD-4-10-3-040-_-__4,0 mH
GXD-4-16-2-005-_-__16 A20,5 mH
GXD-4-16-2-010-_-__1,0 mH
GXD-4-16-3-015-_-__31,5 mH
GXD-4-16-3-022-_-__2,2 mH
GXD-4-16-3-028-_-__2,8 mH
GXD-4-16-3-032-_-__3,2 mH
GXD-4-25-3-005-_-__25 A0,5 mH
GXD-4-25-3-010-_-__1,0 mH
GXD-4-25-3-015-_-__1,5 mH
GXD-4-25-3-022-_-__2,2 mH
GXD-4-25-3-030-_-__3,0 mH
GXD-4-36-3-010-_-__36 A1,0 mH
GXD-4-36-3-015-_-__1,5 mH
GXD-4-50-3-010-_-__50 A1,0 mH