EMI Suppression Filters

single-phase, single-stage EMI Suppression Filters in a plastic housing FA1 … PK/ZK

Our compact single-phase, single-stage EMI suppression filters FA1 in a prismatic or cyclindrical plastic housing are predestined for cost-sensitive sectors. The high power density, the low weight and a high electrical safety are characteristic for these filters. The used components ensure a long lifetime and low failure rates. The individually adjustable filter effect is possible through a broad range of LCR-combinations. This type of filter is particularly suitable for the integration into electrical devices, especially with limited installation spaces, as well as for mass production and retrofitting.

Übersicht Filter in runden und prismatischen Gehäusen
overview of filters in round and prismatic housing
Filter X1 0,22 µF, 2x Y22,7 nF, 2x 7 mH, 1,6 A
filter X1 0,22 µF, 2 x Y2 2,7 nF, 2 x 7 mH, 1,6 A
Filter X1 0,68 µF, 2x Y1 15 nF, 2x 1 mH, 680 kOhm, 16A
filter X1 0,68 µF, 2 x Y1 15 nF, 2 x 1 mH, 680 kOhm, 16 A


  • RoHS- and REACH-compliant
  • single-stage filter
  • single-phase design
  • closed, compact construction in fully potted plastic housing
  • varied connection possibilites with wires with or without plug contacts

General technical data

PhasesL and N
Filter Stagesone
Capacitance Tolerance± 20 %
Inductivity Tolerance-30 % to + 50 %
Test Voltage Up4,3 UR
IEC 60068-1 Climate Category25/85/21

Our product key for your order

single-phase, single-stage EMI Suppression Filters in a plastic housing FA1 ... PK/ZK

Please refer to the table below for detailed technical specifications of our EMI suppression filters in a plastic housing FA1 … PK/ZK. We are prepared to customize these standard products according to your demands individually. Other LCR-combinations, housings or electrical connectors are available on request.

Product KeyRated VoltageRated CurrentCapacity X1Capacity Y2 Inductivity
FA1-2-__-___-___-__275 V AC1 A to 16 A0,022 µF0,22 nF to 10 nF2 x 0,3 mH to 2 x 12,0 mH
0,033 µF0,22 nF to 10 nF
0,047 µF0,47 nF to 10 nF
0,068 µF0,47 nF to 22 nF
0,1 µF0,47 nF to 68 nF
0,22 µF0,47 nF to 47 nF
0,33 µF0,47 nF to 47 nF
0,47 µF0,47 nF to 47 nF
0,68 µF4,7 nF to 47 nF
1,0 µF4,7 nF to 100 nF